Basque For Barrel EP

by Kanoi



A companion EP to the "Moonglow" album.

"The Heather Blazing" was written during the "Moonglow" sessions but as a slow and moody acoustic track. In the end I left it off "Moonglow" because I thought that it sounded a bit boring as it was.

The version on this EP is re-recorded and scraps all the acoustic guitars in favour of a heavy stoner-rock inspired sound and I like it much better this way.
I stole the title from a novel by Colm Tóibín because it's one of my favourite books (go read it!) and I also thought it would work really well as a song-title.

All in all this EP continues the sound of the "Moonglow" release but takes it in a darker direction (which I also tried to express through the artwork).

".. "Suspicions Aside" is the pick of the lengthier pieces, an aching space-rock infused blues, with gritty, tense slide guitar."

- written by Nathan for The Active Listener, read the full review here:

- Benjamin


released June 1, 2013

Benjamin Kantschieder: artwork, guitars, vocals, keyboards, lyrics
Lisa Zanon: pressed flowers
H.A.L. 9000: dialogue in "Insertion" & "Withdrawal"
Dr. Dave Bowman: dialogue in "Insertion"

dialogue bits sampled from the movie "2001: A Space Odyssey", directed by Stanley Kubrick and written by Stanley Kubrick and Arthur Charles Clarke

Mastered by Robin Schmidt at 24-96 Mastering

"Suspicions Aside" is also featured as the closing track on The Active Listener Sampler 11:



all rights reserved


Kanoi Wien, Austria

named after a character from an obscure german pulp fiction magazine, Kanoi is Benjamin Kantschieder's take on music influenced by the mindset of 70s space rock, his record collection and love for sonic experimentation.

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Track Name: The Heather Blazing
The Heather Blazing

the light's reflected
in the water on the dirty ground
I try to catch it
but I'm only going down

and while I'm falling
it crossed my mind
I never got to watch
the stars up in the skies

the Fear is spreading
like a cancerous disease
I hear the thunder
in the distance of my dreams

my friend I warned you
about the way
that you're treading
it leads astray

another day that's cold
and ends without a change
you say you're different
but I see you're still the same

oh friend I warned you
there's still a way
to find the path
from which we came
Track Name: Suspicions Aside
Suspicions Aside

suspicions aside
count me in
the peace of a smile
is where she begins

taking me in with her stride
that's where it begins
waiting and taking her time
that's how she begins

suspicions aside
they're wearing me thin
the devil outside
gets under my skin

making me follow his stride
that's where it begins
waiting and taking his time
that's how he begins

the light
that's been scouring my eyeballs
is growing all dim