From The City To The Stars

by Kanoi

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Album notes:

The tracklist is meant to showcase the different styles of music I've been releasing since I started this project.

Each LP side begins with a new song which is then followed by two older songs.

"Cracks" was the first song I recorded and released as "Kanoi" back in 2011 but is featured here as a remixed version with additional guitar overdubs.

"Witch Mt." was part of the "Moonglow" mini-album from 2012 but this version comes with newly recorded guitar-parts and a totally different and freshly recorded vocal take.

"The Heather Blazing" and "Suspicions Aside" were originally part of the "Basque For Barrel" EP but are presented here as slightly remixed versions.

"From The City To The Stars" and "Obstacles" are new songs and were written and recorded at the end of 2013.


released 25 May 2014

Benjamin Kantschieder: all instruments, vocals, lyrics, artwork



all rights reserved


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Track Name: From The City To The Stars
From The City To The Stars

board up the door
alone, lost & sore
you hide yourself from the light
alone, lost & blind

a choice to turn away
the hunter becomes the prey
run from The City to the stars
hide inside the dark

inspired by "The City And The Stars" written by Arthur C. Clarke
Track Name: Cracks

the cracks in the pavement
they follow me down
the smiling faces
laughing too loud

the time of changes
they're talking about
was hidden under
the mushroom cloud

all those places
lost in the loud
war that rages
they say it's safe to go out

lighting the candle
it mutens the sound
of ghosts and their longing
and the cries of the hounds

like lightning
the fighting
came raining down

the cold fire
that's feeding
on the faded ground

inspired by "Far North" written by Marcel Theroux
Track Name: Witch Mt.
Witch Mt.

climbing Witch Mt.
watching over the sea
moving on by starlight
searching for the key

a story told in whispers
a map that can't be seen
the battle reaching outward
searching for the key

climbing Witch Mt.
piercing through the clouds
Dancer made of thunder
moves without a sound
Track Name: Obstacles

puddles of mud
and drops of cold rain
I don't want to leave
but things gonna change

I thought I'd be able
to watch the wide skies
but there were some obstacles
reducing my sight

and you said that I don't belong here
and you said that I won't be me
and you said that I just can't stay here
but watch out
watch out

the boat and the river
both floating ahead
into the ocean
there's no way back

we both need each other
like land needs the rain
and the sun that is rising
again and again
Track Name: The Heather Blazing
The Heather Blazing

the light's reflected
in the water on the dirty ground
I try to catch it
but I'm only going down

and while I'm falling
it crossed my mind
I never got to watch
the stars up in the skies

the Fear is spreading
like a cancerous disease
I hear the thunder
in the distance of my dreams

my friend I warned you
about the way
that you're treading
it leads astray

another day that's cold
and ends without a change
you say you're different
but I see you're still the same

oh friend I warned you
there's still a way
to find the path
from which we came

inspired by "The Heather Blazing" written by Colm Tóibín
Track Name: Suspicions Aside
Suspicions Aside

suspicions aside
count me in
the peace of a smile
is where she begins

taking me in with her stride
that's where it begins
waiting and taking her time
that's how she begins

suspicions aside
they're wearing me thin
the devil outside
gets under my skin

making me follow his stride
that's where it begins
waiting and taking his time
that's how he begins

the light
that's been scouring my eyeballs
is growing all dim